Grand Central


OUT NOW! The Oxford University Jazz Orchestra’s latest album, ‘Grand Central’, is available today!

‘Grand Central’ is an assortment of jazzy gems, an eclectic mix of our favourite hits from classic swing to contemporary funk. A potpourri of big-band seasonings, ‘Grand Central’ provides eight tracks to send shivers down the spine and induce rapturous applause (we hope). The album is a showcase of OUJO’s 2019 musical highlights and a testament to the hard work and commitment of all band members.

The album was recorded at Challow Park Studios under the expert guidance of the inimitable Will Biggs and Amy Blyth who have been invaluable in their encouragement (‘yeh it sounds alright’) and generosity (‘more biscuits anyone?’). Thanks also to former band member Tim Davies for his enthusiastic assistance throughout our recording journey and for his endless provision of expert chat.

Other notes of thanks must go to Callum Au, Tom Walsh, Jay Craig, Bill Ashton and Matt Skelton for their workshops, sectional rehearsals, Guest MDing of the band, and endless advice and wisdom.

‘Grand Central’ available now—pop it on wherever you are:

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“OUJO’s new album Grand Central is a tremendous achievement for such a young band. The tight ensemble playing and judicious repertoire choice showcases a band that really cares about the music that it is playing. Buy it!” – Callum Au

“The Oxford University Jazz Orchestra has long been one of the premier big bands at collegiate level, playing with a professionalism that rivals the major conservatoire big bands across the UK. With their new album ‘Grand Central’, bandleader Matt Venvell has captured in high fidelity a great performance in the studio from the OUJO. It features tight ensemble playing, dynamic soloing and covers a great variety of all big band styles – all played with style and nuance. This is a very accomplished showcase from an exceptional generation of the band, and a pleasure to listen to. Bravo!” – Tom Walsh